Public Infrastructure and Transportation

Glynn County is a vibrant county spread out over multiple islands and communities. We need to improve public infrastructure and utilize federal funds to provide low-cost county-wide public transportation.

Protecting Our Coast

Glynn County is a coastal community rife with unique wildlife and ecosystems. We need to safeguard our environment from threats such as offshore drilling and seismic testing. In addition, we need to proactively assess our ability to handle the effects of our changing climate such as rising sea levels and more intense hurricanes. Most importantly, we must ensure all members of our community have access to safe water and air without having to worry about Superfund sites.

Beautification Without Gentrification

As a long-time resident of the City of Brunswick, Taylor loves seeing our downtown neighborhoods improve and beautify. However, we need to enforce existing building codes that will improve cleanliness and living conditions. She also wants to make sure that in that process, long-time residents of this historical area are not displaced. Taylor would like to see downtown Brunswick improve, but not at the cost of our diverse population.

Providing A Voice For Our Community

Each of the five districts in Glynn County has its own set of issues and passions. Taylor believes that each of the districts should have an equal platform to voice their concerns and receive assistance. She seeks to provide an open and honest discourse in order to provide a stage for everyone in Glynn County to feel their voices are heard.

Connection and Transparency In Government

Our County Commission has become too removed from their constituents. Taylor will strive to improve transparency and connection between the board and the people by having town halls in each district. She will also recommend a page on the Commission's website where the meeting minutes and legislation such as SPLOST are posted in a simplified and easy-to-read manner. Taylor will move to allow more constituents to speak at each Commission meeting and ease the process for a potential speaker to sign up.